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Exploring Space


This engaging ebook is a collaboration between the Associated Press and Green Light Learning Tools. It features video footage, photography, as well as interactive timelines, diagrams, quizzes, and other digital classroom resources, to provide an in-depth look at the origins of modern astronomy, the history of the space race, and the future of space exploration. This ebook is aimed at students in grades 4–8 (ages 8–12), although it can serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in space. 

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Product Description

Exploring Space begins with a brief but informative history of astronomy from Galileo to Explorer I. In this interactive ebook, you can

  • Identify major constellations on an interactive star map.

  • View data from a stunning gallery of images for each major body in our solar system.

  • Use an interactive diagram to learn how the Hubble Space Telescope works. 

  • Identify the origins of rocketry and the many purposes of satellites.

  • Swipe to learn about the major events of the space race.

  • Swipe through a gallery of notable astronauts.

  • Learn domain-specific astronomy vocabulary.

  • View videos of the moon landing and the shuttle taking off and landing.

  • Take a tour of the International Space Station.

  • Swipe through a timeline of Mars missions.

  • Listen to NASA scientists explain why they think water might have once flowed on the Red Planet and how the Voyager probes are preparing to exit our solar system.

  • Watch a dramatic animation of Curiosity’s historic landing on Mars.

  • Learn about the future of space tourism.

  • Discover how NASA technology has become a part of their everyday lives.


All readers—students, teachers, librarians, and parents—can access the clear, succinct, age-level appropriate explanations of the complex scientific goals and technology.

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