Reading Dailies for Grade 8 provides 19 lessons that focus closely on instructional skills. These skills include key instruction of the strategy and break out the smaller skills needed to master it.

  • The Dailies provide scaffolded, step-by-step instruction to build student proficiency with reading literature and reading informational texts.
  • Each lesson offers students a chance to practice reading skills meaningfully with real texts.
  • Academic vocabulary is introduced and reinforced in context.
  • Each lesson includes a how-to guide that clarifies the standard, as well as a model and open-ended practice questions.
  • Each of these ready-made resources can be easily opened as a PDF lesson for online or offline use.



Reading Dailies Grade 8 Student Edition and Teacher's Edition

  • File format: PDFs

    Student Edition: 282 pages

    Teacher's Edition: 95 pages


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