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The Constitution


The Constitution ebook provides a fully interactive overview of the U.S. Constitution.


This engaging ebook features photographs, interactive timelines, diagrams, biographies, quizzes, slideshows, and primary sources to provide an in-depth analysis of the historical events that led to the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence, the period of crisis that threatened the new nation, the development of the Constitution, and the document itself. Aimed at students in grades 4–8 (ages 8–12), this text can serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about our nation’s founding documents. 


Product Description

The Constitution begins with a brief but informative history the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. In this ebook, you can

  • Use primary sources , timelines, and interactive diagrams to learn about the turbulent period following the Revolutionary War.

  • Learn about our nation’s initial vulnerability—and its moments of near economic and political collapse—in the descriptions of the Newburgh Conspiracy and Shays’s Rebellion.

  • Read biographies of the framers of the Constitution.

  • Click through a diagram that outlines initial plans for the new government.

  • Swipe through a timeline of the Constitutional Convention.

  • Read about the ratification process.

  • Analyze each article of the Constitution and learn about each of the twenty-seven amendments.

  • Grasp the importance of the Constitution’s flexibility and present-day significance as a guide for lawmakers as well as private citizens.


All readers—students, teachers, librarians, and parents—can access the clear, succinct, age-level appropriate explanations of these historical events.

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