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The Presidency

2016 Post-election Edition


The Associated Press and Green Light Learning Tools have collaborated to create The Presidency (2016 Post-election)—a comprehensive multimedia overview of the U.S. Presidency that connects readers of all ages to history. In this updated second edition, readers can explore the rich history of the U.S. Presidency with the swipe of a finger. This engaging ebook features quality content that is enriched with AP’s compelling video footage and award-winning photography, as well as interactive timelines, quizzes, and slideshows to provide in-depth coverage of the history of the executive branch, the presidents, and the election process. 


Product Description

The Presidency offers an innovative approach that marries news coverage and curriculum. Through the ebook, students learn about the executive branch and presidents through multimedia, including audio and video footage of recent presidents and candidates. In this ebook, you can

  • Swipe to access engaging interactive timelines of the U.S. presidency, quizzes, and slideshows.

  • Use interactive features to analyze primary elections, campaigning, the election process, and the most recent presidential election.

  • Review award-winning photos and video culled from AP’s rich historical archive.

  • Tap through a brief history of democracy.

  • Browse through profiles of influential first ladies.

  • Click through an interactive timeline of the U.S. presidents from George Washington onward.

  • Learn about the importance of televised presidential debates, voting behavior, swing states, and the Electoral College.

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